Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bigfootology Gives Their Opinion: Dyer Kill

A comment on the Dyer-kill…
I think it is time to make a post about this Dyer killing a Bigfoot situation. As you have probably noticed Bigfootology has been very quiet about this. Historically with our contacts across the nation and around the world we are able to quickly spot a hoax and through analysis squash such things and even though Dyer has a history of such things one thing that I tell people from a psychologist's perspective is that people who lose face will do just about anything to save face, including killing. A couple of our Bigfootology team members, myself and some others, caught wind of this months ago, even before it became public, but remained silent until we could learn more from the insiders who were talking to us as to not risk losing those contacts. Our immediate reaction is disbelief because of Dyer's involvement but the problem is that we have yet find anything to discredit the story and that is problematic. The similar problem happened with the tent-video and I usually provide analysis in various places about videos that I look at and in the case of the tent-video it struck me because I have seen that particular Bigfoot before in a drawing some years ago that I have saved somewhere on my computer and when I analyzed the video more closely I knew that this subject was not wearing sunglasses as some have claimed, because it mimics the prominent brow that my old friend, the late Dr. Grover Krantz, made to simulate the prominent brow structure.

I posted/stated that I was perplexed by the tent-video and how much it looked like an actual drawing of a Bigfoot that I have seen before and that I could not dismiss it so quickly or easily as others have.

After these months of following this situation and working behind the scenes we have still not found anything to discredit the claim and some facets of the claim have actually been validated. This is either the greatest and most elaborate hoax ever or it is a real situation and Bigfootology, at the moment, is leaning towards the whole event being real but we still are leery of the situation because of who is involved, and we are waiting for further validation. We have a credible history of honest and fair evaluation of evidence regardless of who it comes from so taking us up on this offer will help Dyer if the claim is credible, or put this to rest as the hoax that many believe this is. In this case, at this time after months of digging into this with people behind-the-scenes, it is still unclear to us. This is not so cut and dry.

Bigfootology is a highly respected and credible scientific organization and we have offered to come and inspect the body and provide an analysis and credible third-party validation of the body and we are hoping that Dyer will take us up on our availability to substantiate the claims.

There is a lot more going on than just this and for now this will suffice. As we learn more we will discuss more. Either way, hoax or real, the answers are coming quickly.


This person is thinking the same thing I am.

Rick claims to have contacted the proper authorities regarding his kill, but he fails to mention this agency. I would think the first department to contact would be the TPWD
According to the TPWD, Bigfoot is a myth and does not exist.

"There are no Bigfoot or Sasquatch, more myths than anything such as Nessie the Lochness monster or a chupacabra, is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats and stories run rampant throughout the state.

Please contact the sheriff office or SAPD on this clam"

The Bexar County Sheriff's department said, based on the location I gave them, that this is out of their jurisdiction.

 "As I look at your information, it appears this activity was in the city limits. So you’ll need to contact the San Antonio Police Department."

  I have not contacted the SAPD about this, maybe someone who lives in the area would be bold enough to inquire via telephone.

"Thank you for contacting the city of San Antonio. The type of information you are seeking would be available by conducting a survey through the San Antonio Police Department. Please call the Records division at 210-207-7598 for information on how to order this survey.

Have a good day."

Thank you,

Sarah D. Valenzuela

311 Customer Service

Locally: 3-1-1 or (210) 207-6000

Mon- Sun, 7:00am-11:00pm

   Bigfootology doesn't say who they have spoken with, but I am wondering if they have contacted any of the departments listed above. If Dyer did contact an official, or proper authority, which department would it be? I highly doubt there is a dead Bigfoot hotline, so the options are limited.

 Racer X


  1. I'm thinking if he actually shot a bigfoot, no authorities were called because there would be some sort of record or someone would have come forward. Personally I think this is the weakest part of the story, provided it was anywhere near where he said.

  2. I agree with you. I can't find any authorities in the State of Texas who are aware, or investigated Rick's claims. Rick says he contacted an agency, but which one (if this is true)? The FBI? That seems unlikely because the FBI would NOT let him keep the body.
    There are plenty of weak links in Rick's story but he spins it as "hate" and "lies". Why do you think he removed his videos? There were many videos that show Dyer was lying about certain things. Remove the videos, and that removes the proof against him.

  3. Anyone contact Texas Department of Conservation? They would be the most likely Authorities to give permission to keep the body of a animal taken with a gun and no Tags to hunt. You even have to call them to keep antlers from a road kill buck.

    1. I haven't contacted them. I wasn't aware of this agency because I'm not from the area. From talking to hunter friends, I've been told that authorities need to be contacted even for roadkills. Some collect roadkills and use the meat to feed their dogs.
      I assume that wildlife belong to the state unless it's killed on private property and the land owner has given permission to hunt on the property.
      I don't think Bigfoot is covered by any laws because it's not a recognized species.

    2. What I'm saying is this. The story I heard was that Rick got in a fist fighht with the film crew over killing a Bigfoot, and at the film crews insistence authorities were called. Such authorities gave "permission" for Rick to keep the body.

      The only authorities who could grant such permission would be a Wild Life Officer. Any person who harvests a non-native species would need to do so to keep his harvest. No tag is needed because no season or limits have been established therefore Rick would be permitted to keep his kill. They never have to identify it as Bigfoot. Just that it is not a crime and he may keep his kill.

    3. Yes, I've heard the story Rick told. I also got an email from TPWD saying Bigfoot is a myth.
      Only a couple of conclusions can be drawn.1.) Rick or Minnow Films didn't call anyone. 2.) The event never happened. 3.) TPWD are not telling me the truth.
      I think I've gotten as far as I'm going to get with TPWD. Others need to try as well and put pressure on them. Rick did say he got a call from them, so maybe they are taking this seriously.
      It's interesting to note that TPWD is calling after the fact.

  4. Of course TWPD denies Bigfoot exist in Texas. Like Missouri you have to know there is a sustainable population to say something lives in MO. Take for example the Cougar does not exist in MO, even though they are seen from time to time traveling through the state looking for a mate.

    1. I understand what you're saying, but all I have come up against are agencies that are not interested.
      I have not called the SAPD to inquire though because I don't live in Texas.
      The only one remotely interested was Bexar County, but they said it's out of their jurisdiction. I think if enough people inquire about this, they may look in to the matter.
      I am trying. I sent another email to TPWD as well.

    2. I have a friend who's little sister is a Oklahoma Game Warden. He claims she went to College with a Game Warden who released the Bigfoot to Rick. She says he isn't a practical joker and trust that he is telling her the truth.

    3. This may or may not be true, but we have no way of verifying this through official channels. I would expect that this person does want his name used. There should be a record of this somewhere if it officially happened.

    4. She says his name is Major Alan Taegue. I hope I spelled it correctly.

    5. Thanks for the information. I didn't know TPWD had ranks. I'll look in to this.

    6. I checked TPWD and did in fact find this name. I have sent another email addressed to this person. It's wait and see now, but I don't expect much to come from this.