Sunday, February 24, 2013

Big Lion Films: Did Rick Really Sell It?

In a past radio show, Rick Dyer said he sold Big Lion Films "two months ago". I'm wondering why Big Lion Films still features the alleged work of his then. I think Freezer Boy is under the impression that people have short attention spans and they will forget what he said in the past.
  I am not one of those people. I know what I heard him say. He said he sold the film company. If this is true, who bought the company? What did they get for their money? Big Lion Films is not famous, so I don't see any benefit to a potential buyer.
Rick has a link on his blog to Big Lion Films.
Maybe Dyer is helping the new owner with promotions. I highly doubt it because Rick still owns the domain name. Why would anyone buy the company and not have the .com transferred over to them? Two months is plenty of time to have a domain transferred to another party.

I blotted out the address and phone number as a courtesy, but you can plainly see that Rick still holds the rights to the domain name.
  Maybe Rick is going to merge the material from Big Lion Films over to his new site (not created yet), Last night on his radio show he said he is going to create a new site for his fans. According to Dyer, those fans can sign up, and as a result they will be able to view the dead Bigfoot for FREE. Really? I wonder how long it would take to fill out all of those NDA's. The funny thing is this, people actually believe him. Rick does in fact own the domain name He has a common theme running, and that is "Year of Bigfoot 2013" or "Sasquatch2013". "Shooting Bigfoot" and "Shooting Sasquatch" is also a common theme with Dyer and "entities"
Here are some reminders of the past:

Shooting Bigfoot:

Interestingly enough, is registered by proxy, meaning all personal information is private. That's not Rick's style. Rick shows all of his information on domains he owns, or at the very least he is shown as an administrator.
I'll get back to this point later. Here are video reminders that relate to this post.

What ever happened to the press conference?

Now, back to Shooting Sasquatch. As I mentioned above, is registered by proxy at I went to the Shooting Sasquatch website and I was able to find an address listed.

I did a Google search for this address but I could not get an exact match. The address closest to the one listed in the photo was this:

I decided to view this address using the satellite feature. What I found are a group of buildings in close proximity to each other. Perhaps Chiswick Park Building 1 546 Chiswick High Road is one of these buildings. From what I am able to determine, this looks like a filming studio with various tenants.

As you can see in the above photo, it shows Paramount Pictures, Vue Entertainment, Broadcasting House, and Disney. I zoomed in and see Discovery Channel shows up and so does Technicolor.

I could not find an exact address that matches the one listed at The buildings shown above have a listed address as 566 Chiswick High Rd, London, Greater London W4, UK.
Maybe this is a Google error? Maybe the address on the website was purposely changed, who knows. What is interesting, is the fact that I was taken to a group of buildings that all relate to the filming industry. Perhaps a reader from the U.K. can shed some light on this.
  The bottom line is why would Rick Dyer sell his film company when he has done the work and spread it around the internet? It doesn't make any sense to me........but then again, nothing Freezer Boy does makes any sense.  Maybe Rick had another project going at the same time  he was busy with Minnow Films.
Maybe this is Rick's version of Three Card Monte.

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  1. Sure it isn't Big Lyin Films? (I know not that funny but I couldn't resist)

    1. That was funny Jill, don't sell yourself short. Wish I had thought of it.

    2. Some things are just difficult to pass up. And another great and detailed article btw.

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