Sunday, February 17, 2013

2009: A Body And A Press Conference in San Antonio?

I'm starting to lose track of how many times Rick Dyer has claimed to possess a Bigfoot body. Is this number 3, or 4? I stumbled upon this gem by accident on the Bigfoot Forums. A member there found this old btr show from 2009. It's worth listening to the show and it's very reminiscent of current events surrounding Freezer Boy.
 Recently Dyer has stated he made no money from the 2008 Georgia hoax, but in this radio show Dyer contradicts himself....again. Is Rick going to search the interwebs for every piece of information he has posted and delete it as well? Deleting his videos raises the red flags and bullshit meter to extraordinary heights.
  Dyer is on the local news and at least one paper in the U.K. has grabbed a hold of the story. Where is CNN?
  Thanks go out the members of the The Bigfoot Forums for being so diligent in collecting items of interest.
Didn't Dyer say he saw a Bigfoot in 2009? The Ukraine wasn't mentioned. I think he's taking things from the past and fabricating events, but that's my opinion. The math gets easier every day.

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