Saturday, February 2, 2013

2008 Hoax: Rick Made No Money

Once again, from the mouth of Rick Dyer comes another lie. Freezer Boys said he didn't make any money off the 2008 Georgia Hoax, aside from the $50,000 he and Whitton were paid for the Bigfoot in a freezer.
That is an absolutely false statement, but it doesn't come as any surprise to anybody. We're used to Ricky spinning yarns,and his wide eyed fans cling to every single word of his lies. They now say Rick is a changed man, he doesn't lie, he doesn't fabricate, and he doesn't hoax "no more".
Rick must be laughing his ass off at all of the gullible people in Bigfootland. Why wouldn't he, Ricky has nothing but disdain for anyone in the Bigfoot community. His followers fail to understand they ARE a part of the Bigfoot community. If they aren't, then they must be Freezer Boy groupies. It's hard to come to any other conclusion.
Anyway,back to the story. Here is a snippet from the comments on a recent post made on Dyer's blog.

As you can read, Dyer "only" made $25,000 (his half). In this old blogtalk radio show Ricky said he made "tons of money" off the hoax. Go to the 5:30 mark to hear this. This show is from January 23, 2010.
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In another radio show Rick said he made $74,000 in clicks on his website. I can't locate the specific show but it's probably on my blog somewhere. In more recent shows Dyer bragged that he made a lot of money from T.V. interviews that came after the 2008 hoax.
  Currently Rick, the self appointed leader of the "new" Bigfoot community is telling people to quit being mindless sheep. I couldn't agree more.
   I think we should take Rick's advice and not believe anything he says.

Racer X

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