Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Tent Video: Was It Possible To Hoax?

Last night I listened to The Crypto Crew's radio show, hosted by Thomas Marcum. Thomas runs a successful blog, Facebook page and he has a YouTube channel that consists of many breakdown videos. If you haven't watched any of his breakdown videos, you may want to. I'll provide links down below for you. Back to the radio show. From what I could gather, Mr. Marcum believes that the tent video is authentic, and he bases this off of the information he has collected.
I have issues with Mr. Marcum on several of his key points that in his views, show the Tent Video to be authentic. He does say that his opinion could change should other information come to light.
1.) His contact from Minnow Films is an "inside" source and Thomas specifically states that he has not received an email from Minnow Films themselves. I have sent several emails to Minnow Films, and I have not had a single reply from them.
2.) Mr. Marcum is under the assumption that Minnow Films purchased a black Lincoln Navigator for Rick Dyer. Nobody has confirmed this as true. Rick has video(s) showing him with a black Navigator, one that was going to the shop for a vehicle wrap. The videos of the Navigator were posted before Rick filmed his alleged Bigfoot. I asked Dyer point blank where he got the Navigator and he stated that he, in fact did own one. Rick also said it was unimportant how how he got it.
3.) There were plenty of people with Rick on the day this alleged shooting occurred. If there were so many people with Rick, how come none of them are shown in Dyer's San Antonio Expedition videos? None of them have leaked so much as a drop of information. I would think that camera phones would be busy snapping pictures, or even recording videos of this dead Bigfoot. Was the "expedition" just for the film crew or were other people there?
4.) The mention of Minnow Films. In the beginning Rick was proud to say Minnow Films was with him but it didn't take long until Dyer changed that. In future radio shows Rick used the term "a certain film crew", and later refers to the film crew or others as "entities". Why is this? Once information is given, a person can't simply change that information in the hopes that people will forget what was originally stated. This does nothing to help validate Rick's credibility, it only weakens it.
 5.) It would be hard to hoax the tent video. This is the first time since the PG film that we actually see facial features on an alleged Bigfoot but we don't see anything below the shoulders.
FB/FB have authenticated the video as that of a real Bigfoot, BUT, FB/FB has less than a perfect record and they were hoaxed by kids no less.
Here is Thomas' show from last night:

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I do think if a person has the right resources a video like this one would not be difficult to hoax. Rick has said many, many, many times that he has money and investors. He hasn't provided any evidence of this, but I'll have to accept is as fact since there is no evidence to the contrary. I had a look around the internet and found a few companies that offer foam latex appliances and silicone masks. The foam latex is inexpensive, and if you have someone who is good with make-up, it would not be hard to create a believable Bigfoot face, especially if you have a grainy video. The best option if you have money, is to go with a silicone mask. I'm going to use this company as a reference because their work is top shelf stuff. They offer a wide assortment of customizations and for a fee, they will make a completely custom and one of a kind mask. CFX I chose these two to show as examples. The skin tone can be changed, or you can ask for custom colorization. These masks as shown sell for $569.00. Hair can be added to any of their masks.


This mask is from another company, SPFX.

 If a person can fool a friend of his face to face, it would be possible to fool people from 20 ft. away. Many people think that hoaxing the tent video is difficult or impossible. I disagree. If you have the money, anything is possible.
The tent video is receiving no attention from the Bigfoot community because of who is behind the video, and rightly so. Rick says he shot and killed a Bigfoot but he didn't take any other videos or photos of it, nor did he have any interest in further documentation of his "kill". The discovery of the century, and he doesn't bother to examine the Bigfoot at all?
I will keep digging on this video and everything associated with it. If you have information to share about this video, feel free to send me an email. Anonymity guaranteed upon request.

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    Shows Sunglases and a mask using free online software irfanview, jut pick a frame of the tent video and click show negative. If it were not a mask the sholder and facial hair would show the same shade on the negitive.