Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ricky's Big Release

Well folks, today is the day that Rick Dyer released his information. I wasn't expecting anything of great importance, but I thought we might see a blurry photo or a shaky video. Nope, none of that at all. What information did Dyer share with everyone that would be hard to scrutinize (his word, not mine)? What we waited a few days for was nothing more than an artist's rendition of what Rick said he killed. Yes indeed, a drawing.

 Okay ladies and gentlemen, the big reveal. Drum roll please.

 ** Artwork is property of the Copyright holder(s). Used for discussion purposes only**

 I find it amusing that Freezer Boy has no problem calling other people and groups "confirmed" hoaxers when Dyer himself is a hoaxer, AND he provides no evidence for his claim. Hypocrisy at it's finest. Find the full (of nothing) story here:

Racer X


  1. "Used for discussion purposes only". LOL! Like it can be used for any other actually useful uses.

  2. Rick, go fuck yourself.

  3. I love watching Rick stumble around like a dumbass time and time again.It is like watching Rick try and swim.