Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ricky Makes Slanderous Accusations

Earlier today I listened to Rick's radio show he posted on his YouTube channel, and I must say that Ricky has no problems slinging mud without providing one shred of evidence to support his slanderous comments. Dyer says James "Bobo" Fay, Cliff Barackman, Bart Cutino, Derek Randles, and a list of other people are hoaxers. I don't think Rick gives much thought of the possible consequences for his actions. Freezer Boy is big on talk, but lacks substance. If Rick is going to say certain people are this or that, then the onus is on Rick to verify these claims. Simply stating it as fact does not make it fact. Not only has Ricky made slanderous remarks, he also makes libelous claims on his blog. Here is what Rick wrote:

 "So many people in the Bigfoot world love to brown nose. It seems if you're popular no one cares if you hoax and if you do they look over it. The people in the Bigfoot community should get their head out of their ass and hold people accountable. Like Bo Bo Fay of the hit TV show finding Bigfoot. Him and many others have supported Justin Smeja Bigfoot Bear Hoax Even appearing in a documentary produced by Ro Shahid. When this was realized to be a hoax no one said anything at all . If you be quiet and don't talk about it, This would disappear the Bigfoot community is full idiots and they will forget about. As long as you're popular you have nothing to worry about. The Bigfoot bear boy was supposed to release new information on the 24th of December a very big announcement. The 24th came and went no one questioned this. Is the Bigfoot community full of a bunch of mindless sheep? Remember how many people supported the Sierra Kills Tooth and nail . These people should be held accountable. Participants of the hoax Justin Smeja Ro Sahib Bart Cutino Derek Randles BoBo Faye Sanh Evidence Robert lendsay Team Tazer Cliff Barackman And many more!" 

 Here is the Blogtalkradio segment. It's mostly a bashfest and has very little to do with Bigfoot.

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Unless people stand up to this bully, the accusations will continue. Beside the word 'hypocrite', there should be a picture of Rick Dyer.

 Racer X

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