Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rick Gives a Clue

It's no secret that Ricky had a San Antonio expedition from September 1-6, 2012, he says so in this video below.

In this video, Rick says exactly where he and everyone is. They are off the 1604 and behind them is the Home Depot.

 UPDATE: Rick removed all of his San Antonio videos. Here are screen grabs to at least show the videos existed.

I find it coincidental that Rick had a Bigfoot sighting years ago in this area. It's the same area that a woman reported a sighting to 911 in 2009.

I searched Google maps for the location, and sure enough, I found it. The letter 'A' in the tear drop is the approximate location the homeless woman gave to the 911 dispatcher and the water tower is circled in red. Use these key words to search for yourself ; "san antonio hwy 151 and 1604"

 Now that we have established the vicinity of the homeless sighting of 2009, let's look at Rick's location. Dyer says in his video, "off of 1604" and "behind the suburbans is the Home Depot". Take a look at the photo below. The 'A' is the 2009 homeless location, bottom left is the water tower, and upper center is Home Depot.

 Rick mentioned a few days ago that he got in trouble for breach of contract because he released an artist's rendition of what Rick says he shot. On his radio show last night a caller asked Rick the general location of where this incident allegedly took place. After a short pause, Ricky stated west of San Antonio. Ricky's actual location is north west and maybe that's why Rick paused. My guess is that he had to think about it before answering the caller. The only conclusion I can come to is that Rick, the film crew and others were in this wooded area. Dyer says the rest were a mile and a half deep. Wow, that's some expedition Ricky.

 I believe I have done my due diligence to pinpoint the exact location of where Rick Traylor Chuck Dyer says he shot and killed a Bigfoot on September 6, 2012. This is absolute proof, it's not evidence folks. Rick tells us where he was, it was just a matter of putting it together. This raises even more questions for me.
Why would anybody pay $1,000 to go on a camp out surrounded by roadways? Why was Rick so cryptic with future information? Was it because he didn't want people to know that he wasn't deep in the woods? Why was a film crew there? Were they simply filming about the homeless people to show the unfortunate situation they are in?
Minnow Films is known for covering topics such as this. This is a sentence from their website;

Minnow Films is an award-winning independent production company, renowned for its sensitive and intelligent portrayal of powerful human stories.

Why did Rick film his San Antonio videos away from other people? Was he there for one reason but making videos for another reason? Did Ricky really discharge a fire-arm in such close proximity to people? Wouldn't somebody close by hear a rifle shot and report it? The more I dig in to this incident, the more suspect it becomes. I'm not done with this yet. We have one piece of the puzzle, and there are many more pieces to fill until we have the full picture.

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