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Rick Dyer's "Kill" Site

First, I would like to thank the anonymous person who left a link with his/her comment, I thoroughly enjoy reading this thread at 'The Bigfoot Forums'. Here's the link if you wish to follow the thread Rick Dyer Again The area of land I outlined in yesterday's post was based on the information Rick gave in his video. Rick says "behind the suburbans is the, um, Home Depot". He doesn't say "over there" or "way back" or anything else that indicates Rick is far from The Home Depot.
He also says the crew is "about mile and a half deep". I'm not sure of the size of the plot of land I outlined, but it looks like it's fairly large. Behind the suburbans and through the trees there are lights visible. I think these are lights from The Home Depot and parking lot.
 I visited the 'Rick Dyer Again' thread to see what was going on. A person with the user name 'Cisco' took time out of his day to investigate, and question a homeless couple in the immediate area. Big kudos to Cisco! Here is a comment left by Cisco on the thread:  
"Ok, I have some news for you guys. Early this morning I drove over to the area that Rick Dyer claimed to have shot the Bigfoot. I spoke to some homeless people that were camped out there and have been there for quite a while. I asked a couple if they remember seeing a film crew sometime in early December. The woman told me there had been a crew there sometime in September but she was under the impression they were filming a documentary or news footage of homeless people. However, neither she nor her husband had any personal contact with these people and they were only there for a few hours. I then asked them is they had heard of anybody shooting a gun during that time period. They both started laughing and said that they would know if somebody had fired a gun as the sheriffs department would have been out there in 10 minutes to boot everybody out. I asked them if they had seen anything strange in the time they had been camping there. They and 5 other people, that have been there almost a year, said the only strange thing they ever saw was when some local gang members tried to destroy a stolen car by lighting it on fire. There you have it, no Bigfoot and no shootings. " In a following comment Cisco adds this: "There is no other area, in this vicinity, that has homeless people camped there. The rest is either military base or private land. As somebody pointed out, it's landlocked and while not a giant piece of property, it's not small either. You can't see the camp from the road so you have to pull over and walk into the "woods" so to speak. I walked the area pretty thoroughly and there were many homeless people but I only spoke to a limited few. Regardless, they are all within a couple hundred yards of each other and they would know if a gun had been fired. I asked if there were any other camps in the area and they were not aware of any. I do some service work with homeless addicts and alcoholics so I have a good idea of the areas of town where they congregate. This is the only area, in this part of San Antonio, that I'm familiar with. That's not to say they couldn't be one as there is a lot of undeveloped property in the area. In fact, this is the only reason that would make a Bigfoot sighting somewhat viable in this part of town. Anyhow, take it for what it's worth. Something tells me that Rick Dyer is now going to claim they went someplace else. However, from what little I have read, this was the area he was talking about. We'll just have to wait and see."
 I believe the area of land Cisco is talking about is outlined in blue and the area of land I think Rick was is outlined in red.

I have no doubt whatsoever that there are homeless people living within this blue triangle. I zoomed in and I could see at least one tent. The other objects were harder to identify. I have no idea how large this particular piece of land is but, if the crew and expedition people were a mile and a half deep, I would think they would be close to the highway.
This also raises some questions for me. Why would people pay money to go on an expedition to this spot? Come to think of it, why would people pay to camp out behind The Home Depot? Why would Rick fire a rifle so close to the highway,and more importantly, other human beings?  
IF, and that's a big IF, Rick did fire a rifle under these conditions, he is a dangerous person. He should be arrested and put in jail if convicted. I can see how Rick could market this as a viable spot to people with money to spend. 1.) The reported sighting from November, 2009, 2.) Rick's alleged Bigfoot sighting, 3.) The constant calls to police from homeless people reporting sightings and the numerous sightings from motorists, and 4.) watching a documentary being filmed, maybe even being an extra.
I think Rick stretches the truth with number 3 though. Constant sightings? I would think this would be all over the news. I'm going to go out on a limb and give my best guess as to where Ricky was standing when he recorded this video:

Based on what I have seen in Rick's video above, I think he is inside the red outline, or very close to it.

What we do know for sure is that Rick and everyone else were in this area. Rick gives explicit details and it's something he can't change. Rick has stopped mentioning Minnow Films by name. Instead he says "a certain film company". After the release of the artist's picture of the Bigfoot (Jan. 3 2013), Rick said he got in trouble for breach of contract. The trouble couldn't have been too severe because on his radio show Jan. 5, 2013, Rick says the location is west of San Antonio. Furthermore, he talks about the tent video again on his radio show Jan. 6, 2013.
 I have another piece of information that ties in to this post. Today I received an email fromTexas Parks and Wildlife "There are no Bigfoot or Sasquatch, more myths than anything such as Nessie the Lochness monster or a chupacabra, is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. The name comes from the animal's reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats and stories run rampant throughout the state. Please contact the sheriff office or SAPD on this clam" was the reply.
This tells me that nothing was reported to this agency. If Ricky shot and killed a Sasquatch, this would be one of the first people to call. My next emails will be sent to the Bexar County Sheriff and the SAPD (San Antonio Police Department).
If someone lives in the area, perhaps they could make a couple of phone calls.
*My email is open to anyone who would like to contribute to this particular story. Links are always appreciated and if you wish to remain anonymous, I'm fine with that. Any contributions must be verifiable.*
 I would like to thank "Bo" for putting the bug in my ear with regards to this piece of the puzzle.

 Racer X


  1. Here's my problem with this whole story....Ok, you have a film crew fly here from the UK to make a documentary on Bigfoot. As most are saying, they are in on a huge make a buck. Now, put yourself in the shoes of a movie producer trying to sell a film on killing a bigfoot. Wouldn't you make the film in Washington state? Or Montana? I would! I'd say "Yep, we were there for days, we found prints and then we spotted the creature on a mountain. We pursued him and shot him. That's a "movie" worthy story! This seems stranger than fiction. Shooting the missing link behind Home Depot?

    1. I believe this was a murder, there are aspects of the film that cannot be faked and CGI does not appear to be involved. This needs to be looked into again. There are more problems to Corperate interests with proof of a real Sasquatch.

    2. I believe this was a murder, there are aspects of the film that cannot be faked and CGI does not appear to be involved. This needs to be looked into again. There are more problems to Corperate interests with proof of a real Sasquatch.

  2. Another good point would be if discharging firearms in this area is legal? I doubt it.
    Don't you need a permit to film a commercial movie? Has anyone tried to contact owner of this property? Are there any police reports of gunfire, from the surrounding houses on the night in question? Has anyone checked if permit for filming was issued for that day? Does Dyer hold a Texas hunting license? What's the range of a 30-06 round? Look at the surrounding stores and houses. What's the range of a 30-06 blank? Right. So many holes in this story.

  3. Hey Rick, you know you have your supporters and knowledge, make an account and go up against the B.F.R.O. on their forum and challenge them. The war must be won.

  4. Michael Gibbons Real HunterThursday, March 06, 2014 1:36:00 AM

    Rick Dyer is a liar. There has never been a Bigfoot attack on a human. Rick Dyer is not qualified to hunt butterflies. He states that when he shot Bigfoot, he wasn't sure if it was a man in a suit, he was unsure if he shot his cameraman. Hunters positively identify their target before firing on it. Hunters know what their bullets hit and do not discharge a weapon if there is the snowballs chance in Hell he might hit his cameraman. If he pointed a cap gun at me, I'd rip his face off and stick the cap gun where the sun don't shine. My son knew at five years old that if he pointed any gun (play toy or otherwise) in the direction of a human he would forever lose the privilege handling a firearm. That is the first question on every hunter safety test on the planet. Rick Dyer is coward. He shot Bigfoot in the back (twice), in Texas no less. The lowest life derelict imaginable doesn't shoot anything in the back. If I ever run across this MORON named Rick Dyer in the wilderness, I will relieve him of his firearms nail his pecker to tree, stick a pork rib (with his secret sauce) up his ass and let the first morphidite Sasquatch that comes along make him their bitch.

  5. Has anyone interviewed the cameraman? His reaction in my opinion was genuine and the sasquatch that pushed him definitely looked real enough. Check out the YouTube page, Stop Killing Bigfoot. Christopher Noel has pointed out some very interesting aspects to the footage in great detail, primarily with the gate of the walking sasquatch and the proportions of the hand that pushes the cameraman over. In my opinion Rich Dyer committed a murder that night and he is being allowed to get away with it. I believe it is advantages for someone that this be perceived as a hoax in regards to land rights, for commercial land interests and the chaos such a creature would create as far as a public cry to protection. I believe private military has been called in at times to clear these creatures out for Corporate-political interests.