Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rick Dyer, Sociopath?

Yesterday I was looking around to see what was new in the big world of Bigfooting when I came across an article on Ricky. The author of the article is Robert Lindsay, and it's a two part story. In the first part of the article Mr. Lindsay discusses the "Tent Video", and he implies that he thinks the video is legitimate.
Mr. Lindsay closes the first part of his article by stating this:" The only way this could possibly be a hoax is if Dyer is about 20 times smarter than the dumb redneck he is. Sure, maybe Dyer is hoaxing via some sort of 11th Dimension Chess, thereby making the greatest and most elaborate hoax of all time, to be studied by intelligence agencies across the seas for decades. Think so? Neither do I."
I think Mr. Lindsay is an intelligent person but, he and I are miles apart with regards to the video. Personally, I think the video is a hoax, an elaborate ruse on the Bigfoot community.
The part of Robert's article that I did agree on was his last portion, "Rick Dyer, sociopath".
What I like about Mr. Lindsay is that he isn't afraid to go in to detail, and I for one, enjoyed reading this. Here's a snippet:

"In the last Bigfoot update, I discussed the narcissism that drives a lot of Dyer’s antics. It is only with a deep understanding of narcissism that a lot of this man’s behavior can be properly understood. Narcissists are as common as dandelions in Bigfootery, which attracts, feeds and probably grows its very own narcissists. But even there, Dyer stands out.
There is another aspect of his behavior, an antisocial aspect. Antisocial traits of various types are also very common in Bigfootery, and they are often hard to parse out from the narcissism. The two often run together, and narcissists can act antisocial at times.
Most of the antisocials in Bigfootery are the more controlled types. Sociopathy is either “controlled” or “uncontrolled.” The more controlled types fill the ranks of law, medicine, business, the military, law enforcement and of course government! It is simply not the case that all sociopaths are criminals. Most of them are never locked up for a single day of their lives. Why not? They are afraid of going to prison."

You can read the entire post by Robert Lindsay here:

Robert Lindsay:

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