Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Petty Ricky

I noticed on Ricky's blog of alphabet soup that there is a certain icon that belongs to another blog owner. Rick decided to hijack this mascot for his own blog of incoherent ramblings.
That sure seems petty, doesn't it? Freezer boy says he's a changed man, and he won't do any more hoaxing. He didn't say he would stop lying though. Rick's blog is a jumbled mess of false accusations, outright lies and reprehensible "journalism". That means you don't write good Ricky.
Rick even admits that he doesn't check anything.

Anyone who has been in the Bigfoot community for any length of time knows the icon of the Bigfoot Evidence blogspot. It's the tiny little creature you see above. This is from Shawn Evidence's site:

This is from Freezer Boy's site:

Rick even copies the name of Mr. Evidence's blog title as best as he can. Kind of sad, isn't it?

Racer X

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  1. He went to Mexico just to do another scam, now the Mexican justice is after him and his wife, american society does not deserve people like his wife and soon or later they will fall.