Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Liar, Liar

I'm going to take you on a trip down memory lane. I can't remember the exact date ,but it was sometime in late December of 2011 or early January of 2012 that Ricky Dyer claimed he was granted permission by the Canadian Government to come to Canada and kill a Bigfoot. I had that video for the longest time and deleted it, thinking I would never need it. Well, I was wrong. In it's place I'll show a couple of screen grab  from the video.

  Rick, in his usual style, says he has a letter from Canada and that it's okay to head north and shoot a Bigfoot. Dyer swears up and down this is true, 100%. Freezer Boy never backs down from this claim, yet a short while later he removes the video from his YouTube channel. Why? Is he hoping people will forget his past lies? A Canadian citizen saw this video and decided to contact Environment Canada in order to get some answers. The letter was vague with regards to confirming or denying Dyer's claim, but the letter did  outline some very specific laws.

 After this letter was posted on several blogs, Rick still claimed he had permission to kill a Bigfoot, despite evidence to the contrary. Rick keeps saying he's a changed man, no more hoaxes. Just go to his YouTube channel and watch a few of his videos to see how Rick constantly changes roles from good guy to bad guy. This wasn't a hoax, it was a lie, a fabrication and another con job by Freezer Boy to gain the attention he craves. I still scratch my head in amazement that there people out there who believes anything he says. Now, for the first time in a year, Rick finally comes clean. He thinks it's funny. It's not funny. Rick is a sad and pathetic attention whore and he will stop at nothing to get that attention.

Think twice before you believe anything Rick Dyer has to say.

 Racer X

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