Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jack Barnes FBFB On Blogtalk With Freezer Boy

I listened to this show the other night and it started out kind of slow. Things changed when Phillip called in asked Rick some hard questions. I was very impressed, Phillip asked Rick the questions any of us would have, it's just a shame that Dyer didn't have many answers.
Jack Barnes got on the show right on time, and he was very straight forward with his interview with  Rick. I felt that Jack spoon fed Dyer some answers, but I think Mr. Barnes asked very specific questions for very specific reasons. I'm not a huge fan of FB/FB because they "authenticate" videos. Nobody can authenticate any Bigfoot videos because none of us have a Bigfoot with which to compare. Having said that, I thought Jack Barnes did a great job and I thought he was very thorough.
I found some inconsistencies with a few things in Rick's story that he retold to Mr. Barnes. In a previous post I made, I reveal what I believe is the location Dyer and his party were located.

A couple of days later Rick posted a rebuttal of sorts on his blog, and this is what Rick had to say. "This is where we started the 1 day but ended up miles from this Location!" Keep his in mind when you listen to the radio show. According to Cisco at the Bigfoot Forums," There is no other area, in this vicinity, that has homeless people camped there. The rest is either military base or private land. As somebody pointed out, it's landlocked and while not a giant piece of property, it's not small either." Source
I won't say anything else about the show, you can listen for yourselves.

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