Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is Ricky Dyer Michael Knight? *Update*

I found an interesting article on Freezer Boy in an article by Steve Kulls. Steve has a popular blog called Squatchdetective. Here's the link:
I was reading Steve's article and I became intrigued when I read this part:" What we do know is the incident occurred at Dyer’s residence where he was advertising a company named Quality Roofing in Deltona, Florida. (The listed owner was Michael Knight…now see if you can make the connection that I make to this.)" The incident Steve is referring to is the battery charge Dyer had against him in May, 2012.
Almost everyone who knows about Rick, is aware that he loves Knight Rider. Rick uses the theme music in many of his videos, and the name of the main character in the show is Michael Knight. There seems to be a connection here, so I decide to have a look around.
I did, in fact, find a listing for such a business in Deltona, Florida.

Since I'm not from the area I had no idea where Deltona was, so I checked. Deltona is in Volusia County? Now I'm curious.

I dig a bit more and find this:  . They have the name right, but his age is incorrect.
Is this nothing more than a coincidence or is it a fact? Ricky is usually short with his answers, if he answers at all. He says he's a changed man, on the up and up and all that. If that's true then this must not be Rick, right?
I personally think it is Rick, but what I think isn't important. It's up to you to come to your own conclusions.
I just received an email from an anonymous source who gave me some more information. I was given a link that brought up the following information:
Screen grab:

What are the chances that Ricky Dyer, a known fan of Knight Rider, would reside with a person named Michael Knight? The odd are astronomical. I borrowed that last bit from my anonymous source. You be the judge.

Racer X

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