Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is Rick at Stage Four?

I think it's safe to say that most people in the Bigfoot community know who Guy Edwards is. Guy runs a great blog, Bigfoot Lunch Club Check Guy's blog when you get a chance, he posts some great articles. What does Guy Edwards have to do with a Ricky Dyer blog? Not much really. I bring up Guy because he was the person who came up with "The Five Stages of a "Big" Bigfoot Announcement". He noticed a pattern among hoaxers, and here are his five stages.  
2.Defensiveness or Attack of Critics  
3.Postponement of evidence  
4.Postponement of evidence again  
5.You are the victim of a hoax  

Announcement: *not the video originally posted to YouTube*

Keep in mind the original video was posted in black and white, no audio, and the video was posted sideways. This does not occur unless the video was edited. I have recorded videos with my phone and the computer always corrects the orientation of the video and so does YouTube. Food for thought. Defensiveness or Attack of Critics:
 I don't even know where to start. Rick opened a blog ,closely copying the title of a popular Bigfoot blog, and stole stories from it. He performed the copy/paste routine and simply put it on his own blog. Ricky didn't post a link or give reference to where he got his stories from. After that, Dyer started the attack on the blog owner and anyone associated with him. These people have ignored Freezer Boy for a long time, but Rick persists with his constant attacks and makes outlandish accusations towards them. The list of attacks are too numerous to list in this post, so I encourage everyone to research for themselves.  
Postponement of evidence:
This is the one I'm having difficulty with. Rick claims to have shot a Sasquatch in the back of the head, and by most accounts, Rick was in the company of a film crew. It's not like Dyer was all by himself, there were witnesses to this alleged shooting but all we have are Rick's assurances and some leaked anonymous information. I can understand having the alleged body tested, that makes sense. If you have a body, why not release a crisp,clear photo? Just one color photo showing all the distinguishes features.  
Postponement of evidence again:
I have found various release dates online ranging from February to May of 2013. This seems like a long time to postpone the evidence considering the Bigfoot was allegedly shot in September , 2012. Today Ricky Tweeted this tidbit:

You are the victim of a hoax:
TBA? I wonder how stage five will turn out. There are some blogs you can read for more information: , Sasquatch Scoop , The Crypto Crew , Bigfoot Evidence , Cryptomundo

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