Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hall of Shame

This is a great page to read for anyone interested in pathetic hoaxers. Steve Kulls of Sasquatch Detective has a full page devoted to Ricky and his accomplices. There is plenty of information on this page that is not covered elsewhere. Since this site is everything Freezer Boy, it would be a shame to not have it here.
Ricky's thugs are already starting to come out and tell me this is all old news. Thanks but I already knew that. Anybody who is interested in Bigfoot, especially the new comers, need to educate themselves on the hoaxer,'s a long list. Ricky Dyer claims he's a new man, but from what I've seen of his past behavior, I'll call bullshit.

Racer X

Searching for Bigfoot,  Inc. is a Nevada based corporation who's website premise was to search out for Bigfoot and facilitate a live capture.
Event That Warranted Investigation
 It's founder and CEO, self proclaimed, "world renowned" Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi, in 2005, (while CEO of a now defunct organization called "The Great American Bigfoot Search") shortly after setting up a subscription based web cam service in Happy Camp, California claimed there was a Bigfoot capture in Stagecoach, Nevada and openly announced and spoke freely of it on nationally syndicated program, Coast to Coast AM.
Biscardi, when asked about the alleged creature's gender, and some other information, freely answered it and stated, "we have veterinarians looking at it now." He also stated that he would eventually provide the subscription web service to observe the creature. It turned out all to be a hoax, with Biscardi declaring for the first time, he had been duped.  When on Coast to Coast again to reveal he had been duped, the host, George Nhouri, demanded that Biscardi refund the countless people that had most likely subscribed to the service because of the announcement of the phony Bigfoot capture.
Biscardi's origins in the Bigfoot research field date back to the late sixties where he met and was mentored by Ivan Marx. A man who was allegedly caught trying to obtain $25,000 from well known researcher Peter Byrne. The attempt was covered by the Walla-Walla Union Bulletin on April 19th, 1971.

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