Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dyer to Release Information on Jan. 3, 2013

I was checking out freezer boy's blog and he says he is going to release some information January 3, 2013. I wonder what this information could be. His latest post is actually a video and it looks like Ricky has disabled embedding, so I can't post it here. In this latest video, Rick goes in to his usual people-hate-me-and-post-lies-about-me. That's odd, who are these people posting lies about you Ricky? Maybe it's the people posting that they think your camper video is real? I don't understand Rick half the time anyway. Take this title for example.

UPDATE Well, it looks like there are ways around things. Enjoy.

*Video is the property of Rick Dyer. Used for discussion purposes only.* Freezer boy says he is going to release something that's going to be hard to scrutinize. Hard to scrutinize? This person is thinking the same thing I am.

 Maybe freezer boy meant something else. As I'm sitting here with my morning coffee, I'm trying to digest Ricky's latest post. He tends to make wild accusations without any evidence to back it up. Then my eyes glaze over and my mind wanders. Sometimes my mind takes me to weird and wonderful places. I'm thinking "this guy has sawdust for brains", but I'm also flashing back to a scary picture I saw of Rick. It wasn't the strange look in his eyes, it was the hat. I'm thinking "he reminds me of someone"......then BAM!, it hits me. His head is not full of sawdust, it's full of oats.

I don't know why Ricky wouldn't release information on the first day of a new year when almost everyone is off work. Since we won't be able to scrutinize this information, I won't be expecting anything earth shattering.

Racer X

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