Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dyer, Liar, Pants On Fire

Rick Dyer has recently claimed that he saw a Bigfoot in San Antonio, in 2009. He says it was near The Home Depot and mentions it in this video:

Dyer has also mentioned his "Bigfoot sighting" several times on recent blog talk radio shows. This information is not a secret, and Freezer Boy has no problems making false statements to other people. He presents this "information" as fact to any people who will listen. Rick has a small following of people who want to believe him, but I'm afraid their trust is misplaced.

In Rick's radio show from  January 28, 2010, he states that anyone who believes in Bigfoot is an "idiot" and he goes on to say Bigfoot is a "cult". Jump to about the 10:50 mark to hear this.

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Now why would Rick call people "idiots" if he saw a Bigfoot for himself in 2009?It doesn't really make sense, does it?
   In this radio show, Rick calls the Bigfoot world the "scam world". Again, why would he say this?

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I'll tell you why. Rick is trying to give himself credibility within his circle so these people will believe that he tracked down a Bigfoot, and shot in the back of the head. This is my opinion based on all the evidence I have found.
  Here, in Dyer's own words, he says he is a "super skeptic" and won't believe until he sees it for himself. The show is dated February 6, 2010.

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This show is particularly enlightening. It shows the true Rick Dyer and what he's all about. The show starts off slow but it gets better.Rick insults everybody in this radio show, calling Bigfoot a myth, making fun of people who paid him for his expeditions, and he wants to convert people to Bigfoot "haters". He also says Bigfoot is NOT REAL.

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So, once again Rick is caught in another lie. Currently he is telling everyone he saw a Bigfoot in 2009 when, in fact, he never did. These radio shows from 2010 prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt. **All audio used in this post are for discussion purposes only** ** Copyrights belong to the copyright holders** Racer X

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  1. It makes me angry to see that people believe him and are supporting him. I hope, once we find out that his "body" is another fake, that he has some consequences. Glad to see you're back, delivering the truth.