Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"50 Large" - The real story of the "Georgia Body Hoax"

In Ricky's latest rant, he's complaining about Tom Biscardi's use of him (Dyer) in the film. That's all fine and dandy with me, hoaxers need to go down. Rick said something about winning a judge and getting "a injection", what ever the hell that means.
I wonder which judge it was that Rick won.

An injection order seems kind of harsh.

At any rate, I could care less about Biscardi
Rick then goes on to whine about Steve Kulls' book "50 Large", saying it's a book of lies. I don't know Mr. Kulls, but I have read quite a bit on what he has to say. It's apparent to me that Steve Kulls researches everything before he comes to a conclusion and he backs it up with evidence to support his claims. Rick Dyer on the other hand just says everything is a lie and people are haters. Rick doesn't provide any evidence to support his claims, yet he expects people to believe him. Why would anybody believe freezer boy? He's a known hoaxer and liar.
If you haven't read "50 Large", Steve has it available on his website.

Weigh the evidence and decide for yourselves.

Racer X

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