Monday, April 21, 2014

Rick Dyer Blogtalk: Show of Lies

Here is Rick's last blogtalk "show" from a week or so ago. If you're up to it, have a listen to all of Rick's lies. Doll Boy says he did all of this for "fun". The half-wit hayseed doesn't know what fun means. I bet pulling the wings off of flies is also fun for fat boy.

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Did any of those nineteen people receive their DVD yet?

It looks like Ricky Dyer is done now, there is nothing left for him to make money with, unless he's still hiding in the shadows like the coward that he is, slowly scamming a new batch of rubes.

This will go down in Bigfoot history as the saddest, most pathetic hoax to date.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rick Can Run But He Can't Hide

It sure has been quiet in Dyeriaville lately. Very quiet. Rick has half of Facebook blocked so it's a wonder he gets any traffic at all.

He hasn't posted any new videos, no blog posts. Nothing at all. It's the sign of a paranoid and scared individual.

We have been a bit quiet ourselves, except when we are quiet, Doll Boy needs to worry. It looks like Ricky has been busy lately...well, as busy as a lazy jobless guy can be. Cash must be tight and I can only guess there will be no second tour considering what our amazing detectives have uncovered.

Ricky Dyer placed a couple of ads on Craiglist and put the Roach Coach and Hank Hauler up for sale. The Craiglist ads have been taken down and I'll explain why later.

I took the liberty of saving all the photos for closer inspection. This IS Rick's bus and trailer. There is no doubt whatsoever.

I lightened up the photo of the interior of the trailer so you can see the posters and other Doll Boy garbage.

We don't think Rick was having much luck after his second Craiglist ad. So, what's a scamming, lying con man to do? Doll Boy went back to his favourite place. EBay.

EBay Ad 

You will need to click the pictures to enlarge them. As you can see, Rick finally sold the bus. Some poor soul used the "Buy it Now" option. I wonder if Dyer owed anybody money on the rig and trailer. He owes money on the FJ Cruiser and skipped town, so I am just curious.

If there is anyone out there who Rick Dyer owes any money, please send me an email or contact me on Facebook and I will give you his address. Our good friend Steve Lane put together this sweet video showing we know exactly where Rick is living.


Ricky Traylor Chuck Dyer, won't you be our neighbour? JACKASS!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DVDs FINALLY Get Mailed Out Today

Today is the big day for those 19 people who wasted their money on Rick Dyer. Doll Boy is allegedly mailing out the 'After The Shot' DVDs...FOUR months late.
I wonder if this fabulous masterpiece will contain 45 minutes of HD footage of a real dead Bigfoot. I bet people can't wait to see this. They will see it dragged on a tarp, loaded on to a reefer truck, as well as other footage Dyer promised.
 Rick wouldn't break a promise or tell a lie, would he? Of course Rick is lying, it's all he knows. I wonder if we will hear from any of these 19 mysterious buyers.

Has anyone heard when 'The Autopsy' DVD is supposed to be mailed out? I really hope there is nobody out there who thinks they will be getting value for their money. What they will get is a shitty DVD and like it. That's Doll Boy's attitude.

Thanks to one of our anonymous readers for showing us this screen shot.

Just in case people forgot what the Bigfoot (guy in a costume) from 'Shooting Bigfoot' looked like, here it is again.

Honest John, a regualr reader of this blog was looking for a particular video. This was back in the day when Rick said I lied about the Bigfoot being taxidermied.

Rick gets so pissy when he gets caught in his lies. Everything he has told people are nothing but lies. There is NO dead Bigfoot in Doll Boy's possession. Where is the slack-jawed half-wit? How come he isn't on YouTube bragging about how much money he made?
When push comes to shove, Rick is just a spineless liar. He crawls back under his dingy rock and lurks in the shadows, hoping some people will forget that he committed fraud.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Andrew Clacy and Dale Boswell Interview with Ed Brown

I am reposting the two part interview that Ed Brown conducted with Andrew Clacy and Dale Boswell because I think it is important for everyone to really listen to what is said.

  These two men give great insight in to what really happened behind the scenes. They talk a lot about the real Rick Dyer and what it was like to live and tour with such a vile human being. Both men talk about the revelations they had in discovering Hank was a fake.

Part 2

I thought Ed Brown conducted a a very good interview. You can visit Ed's YouTube channel at Bigtruth

During the interview, Andrew and Dale talk about the deplorable living conditions in a bus they have named "The Roach Coach". According to Andrew, Rick lives like a pig. Dale sent me photos as visual proof.

I don't even know what to say, except mess like that would drive me crazy.

Just in case some folks missed Lynk's official statement, I will post it again.


Lynk Paul Releases Statement

"I want to make it perfectly clear, I am not giving these responses to Dyer nor do I feel the need to or owe anyone any answers save a few. I am not after fame or popularity. I don't need it to make me who I am or to be a man. I am responding to claims made by Dyer which were sent to me by Andrew Clacy, only to clarify some of these outlandish claims for him, put an end to these rumors and shed some light on the reality of what happened.

 I have absolutely NO intention of getting into heated internet debates, conversations or arguments with this lying moron. He wouldn't win anyway. I don't need to be interviewed or put myself out there in the public for attention. I admit that it was a mistake to get involved in this but I do not regret making decisions I made based on information available to me at the time. 

 We always insisted on getting the evidence we required to do what we went there for, which was to help this person and now, you can see the results of a spoiled little brat and a very despicable human being who did not get his way. Had we not gone, there would be no one to put an end to this facade nor help the people who were in need of our help. 

 I do not and will never regret coming to the US. It was a learning experience, although mostly bad, I was able to meet some really wonderful people some of which are life long friends. Also in the end, one experience made up for all the bad and I was able to help someone in need. A total stranger to me prior to all this and I would do it for anyone. 

  Below are the claims and my responses:"

Click the link to read the rest of Lynk's statement.

 Now that we all know this is a hoax (it was obvious), I would like to encourage ALL people who were defrauded to file complaints If you purchased a DVD and never got a refund or a DVD, purchased  a Team Tracker Membership, or paid for an admission ticket, please file a complaint.

It does not matter where you live or how much money you lost, FILE A COMPLAINT. if the agency receives enough complaints maybe this will put Doll Boy on the radar.. People need to be proactive if they wish to see Rick Dyer prosecuted for fraud.

Here is the link for IC3

Rick "Doll Boy" Dyer has gone in to hiding for a reason. He knows he committed fraud. He admitted it. I have all of Rick's videos in which he says the Bigfoot known as Hank is REAL. Dyer had promotional stickers plastered on his vehicles saying the prop was REAL. I have all those photos and I, upon request, will share all of my data with law enforcement. Everyone needs to do their part in this.

I have a couple more photos of Hank to share with all of you. Thanks to Dale Boswell for giving us the exclusive photos.

Rick Dyer has burned every bridge he has walked across. There is a reason he has no friends. He is a lying, deceiving, vile, disgusting and pathetic excuse of a human being.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rick Dyer Quits...AGAIN! (No Surprise)

I heard Rick Dyer is called it quits again for what seems like the 20th time. I can no longer see Doll Boy's "fan" page because the pussy blocked me after Andrew and Dale quit being slaves for Dyer. I used to be able to read the page but now he has me totally blocked. What a cry baby.

It makes no difference really. My friends and readers of this blog keep us up to date on what's not happening in Dyeriaville.

Remember way back when Rick quit for good? Remember when he threw other people under the bus? If you don't, here is the video.


Rick Dyer keeps saying he's quitting but he never leaves. Rick, don't go away mad, just go away...for good. The fact is, Doll Boy always does this when people aren't paying enough attention to him. It's a plea to his 4 followers to adorn him with undeserved affection. Dyer is a grown man who acts like a spoiled child. He expects everything to go his way. Too bad Rick, we were correct every step of the way. You are the lying, thieving fraudster we said you are.

I listened to Rick's blogtalk show that was almost all non-supporters. A few people had legit questions but they mysteriously disappeared ( got booted).

    Rick told complete lies about Andrew Clacy and Dale Boswell but I won't get in to that here. Doll Boy says he has all these messaged saved and he has proof of this or that but guess what? He has not provided a shred of proof to back up his claims. Not one.

I have said the following at least 100 times: "When a truth is told about Rick, he attacks". This has been shown to be true 100% of the time. Dyer tries desperately to deflect the issues or attention when it doesn't suit his needs. If you don't believe me, just go watch some of Rick's old videos and compare them to events that have taken place later on. He's a big baby, and a coward, I should add.

Here is what Rick said on his "fan" page earlier today. Too much like work? That's funny considering it comes from a guy with NO job. Rick is simply making up more lies about imaginary haters attacking imaginary fans. It's really quite boring now, Rick. Just let it go.
"Rick Dyer at Knox Mountain Park Today at 12:30am I just don't find this fun anymore, I tried to come back for my people , but it feels to much like work. It was fun going back and forth with the haters for almost two years. Now their going after my followers family. Super sick people! I'm done... Team Tracker is done.... Last nights show I spoke the truth but I went down to their level and I'm very disappointed at my self. I've seen the worse and the best in people on this journey and I don't regret anything. I've said this many times before, but know it's different... You don't mess with my followers.. 19 DVD's will ship on the 15th. The Tennessee Expedition will be my last Public Expedition. I love the woods so if anyone wants to do something in the woods ,, Just let me know!! Bigfoot has taken time away from my family! When Mathews and the University comes out and vindicates me... All that believed will have their day..
If anyone needs to speak with me just message me here!"
Rick Dyer Thank you Knox Mountain Park 4.5 stars Mountain · Community & Government · Park

Doll Boy is at Knox Mountain Park? The only park by that name that I can find is actually in Kelowna, British Columbia .Don't believe me? Go to Google and type in Knox Mountain Park.

It looks like the world is full of haters. Nobody believes Rick, except for a handful of people who don't know any better.


This was the funniest video I have watched today.

I don't think there is a phrase for Rick's epic failures but someone needs to coin one. Tragically epic still falls short of Dyer's ineptitude.
Dyer has reached the peak of his inefficiency, but that won't hinder him from making himself more of a laughing stock than he already is.

ED BROWN INTERVIEW: With Former Team Tracker Members


Monday, April 7, 2014

After The Shit

So, Rick Dyer is finally working on his 'After The Shart' video. No wonder those poor misguided fans haven't received the DVD's, Doll Boy had not produced it yet.
  I watched the "trailer" to this most epic of failures and this looks like one big hissy fit from the con man. It will be just like his old Hangouts. Name calling, lies, swearing, burping, eating, swearing, name calling, more lies. You know, the usual bullshit from the saddest hoaxer in history.

Here is the monumental yawner people have been waiting for.


Poor Rick just can't stand taking the heat. This is just like 2008 all over again. Bitch, whine, moan and blame other people.

Will these DVD's actually be mailed out this time or will April 15th come and go with nothing more said on the matter? What about the Autopsy video?

This video Doll Boy is trying to make could just be another 'Anatomy of a Hoax'. Maybe he is a big fan of Tom "Get Me A Snapple" Biscardi. One thing we know for sure, Dyer doesn't have an original idea in that cavernous melon of his.

I love the make believe credits.

WOW! iMovies! Does iMovies know it was involved in such a mega-production? Rick is the DoP? Seriously?! How did he manage to pull that off when we was bleating away on camera? How many takes Rick? The cameramen must be well trained in the art of cinematography in order for this "production" to require a Director of Photography.

Here is the role of a DoP

"Directors of Photography (DoPs) are key Heads of Department on film productions, and theirs is one of the major creative roles. They are requested by the Director, and must be approved by the financiers, studio and/or completion bond company. DoPs work closely with the Director and Production Designer to give a film its visual signature. Lighting is one of the fundamental elements in filmmaking; the way in which light falls on an actor's face, reveals an interior space, or illuminates a landscape, can create mood, drama and excitement for the audience. The ability of cinema to entertain and emotionally move an audience is the result of a highly collaborative process which encompasses performance, editing and music. The role of the Director of Photography or Cinematographer is to provide a film with its unique visual identity, or look. Most DoPs work on commercials and promos as well as on feature films. Although the hours are long, and some foreign travel may be required, involving long periods spent away from base, the work is highly creative and very rewarding.
What is the job?
DoPs must discover the photographic heart of a screenplay, using a variety of source material including stills photography, painting, other films, etc. They realise the desired look using lighting, framing, camera movement, etc. DoPs collaborate closely with the camera crew (Camera Operator, 1st and 2nd Assistant Camera, Camera Trainee and Grips). During filming, DoPs also work closely with the Gaffer (whose lighting team are key to helping create the required look of the film), the Production Designer, Costume Designer, and the Hair and Make Up Department."

Rick sure likes to give himself fancy titles when he doesn't know what they mean.
I really find all of this amusing. Rick is the director as well and that is even more amusing.

Chris Russel is the costume designer? I wonder if Mr. Russell is aware of this. Rick, just because you remove a letter from a person's name, it doesn't mean that you can use the name because you feel like it.
This is  further proof that Rick Dyer is completely out of touch with reality(in my opinion). He thinks he can play by what ever rules suits his need to be right. It looks like Chris Russell is staring at the underside of the bus now.

If anything, Chris Russell would be under "Special Effects" or "Prop Master". I don't know if Dyer can be any dumber than he is already.

One more thing for the slow ones: Rick Dyer did NOT shoot and kill a Bigfoot.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lynk Paul Releases Statement

Lynk Paul with Rick Dyer
Lynk Paul released a statement and answered questions with Ed Brown at Bigtruth the other day and it was quite the statement. I am under the impression that Lynk didn't hold back any punches at all.
  I had a lengthy chat with Dale Boswell and Andrew Clacy yesterday via Google Hangout and I can understand why Lynk (and the rest) are so upset. The men were essentially slaves of Rick Dyer's.
   Rick says the men were paid but all of the former TT members deny being paid any worthy sum of money. They were given $100 one time so they could go some where while Rick entertained a female back at the Love Shack Bus. The things I heard about Dyer was enough to literally make me sick. I felt like puking after I had spoken with Andrew and Dale.

   I won't go in to detail in this post because I think Lynk's statement is a very important one. Everything Lynk said was backed up by Andrew Clacy, and Dale backed up only what he witnessed personally. After speaking with Andrew and Dale, I have no doubt these men are traumatized to some degree. I get the impression that Andrew was hardest hit by his ordeal in America. That will come in a future blog post. I cans say this though, Rick Dyer is far more nasty, vile and abusive than I ever thought imaginable.

Here are excerpts of Lynk Paul's statement:

"I want to make it perfectly clear, I am not giving these responses to Dyer nor do I feel the need to or owe anyone any answers save a few. I am not after fame or popularity. I don't need it to make me who I am or to be a man. I am responding to claims made by Dyer which were sent to me by Andrew Clacy, only to clarify some of these outlandish claims for him, put an end to these rumors and shed some light on the reality of what happened.

I have absolutely NO intention of getting into heated internet debates, conversations or arguments with this lying moron. He wouldn't win anyway. I don't need to be interviewed or put myself out there in the public for attention. I admit that it was a mistake to get involved in this but I do not regret making decisions I made based on information available to me at the time." 

 Dyer statement 1

"From this moment own I will speak the truth! No more lies, tall tales or wild goose chases to mess with the haters!
No more longing into my hater acct to heat the pot. All the so called info the haters received came from either me or a team members that I directed . True or not we just wanted people to talk eg.Prop maker, Addresses, People involved. It was crazy just for the attention!"

"First things first. He would have to posses the ability to speak the truth. "No more lies"??? That is just another big lie. He could never speak TRUTH if it bit him in the ass. Messing with the people who he refers to as "haters" is his biggest vice and he can't help himself. It feeds the drama he created and it monetizes his accounts. THAT"S ALL. The only true thing said is "the attention" that's all he cares about and nothing more. He was totally responsible for feeding inside information to Robert Lindsay for his blog and to Racer X and others, for the sole purpose of keeping the drama going because he gets enough hits to generate income."

"Coming clean about everything is necessary for a new start!"

This is the most hilarious statement I ever saw coming from that filthy swine. LMAO.  There is nothing in existence that could perform that kind of cleansing. Coming clean would mean taking a bath at least once a day and brushing his damn teeth at least once a day for a start. THIS IS THE BIGGEST JOKE and FALSE STATEMENT EVER MADE.

Please visit Ed Brown's blog to read the rest of the statement. The link is at the top of the page.

Andrew was kind enough to provide Bigfoot Tracker News with an exclusive photo. This is only one but I am sure more will be released in due time.

Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Clacy

Please sign the petition to have Rick Dyer Charged With Fraud