Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Post

I was enjoying my time away from the blog but one person keeps posting the same stuff over and over again. NO, Dyer doesn't have anything on me so give it a rest and quit stirring the pot.

1.) Rick Dyer contacted me privately to apologize. I acknowledged his apology but given his past history, I am reluctant to accept it. The more time that goes on, I may reconsider my position...maybe.

2.) Yes, I saw the apology video and I believe it was made at the encouragement of Rictor Riolo.

3.) I believe there is an agenda. There is always an agenda but I have no proof, it's just my opinion.

4.) Rictor Riolo doesn't think I'm a real person and he thinks I'm in league with Dyer. That is completely false and without merit. An opinion does not make a fact.

5.) I heard through the grapevine that Rick has requested that I remove this blog from the internet. Perhaps he should have posted his request in a group that I am not blocked from.

6.) Rick Dyer has packed it in for now, so I see no reason to keep blogging about him. We feel that enough people have been informed. Any new people to the community need to take responsibility for who they believe. Google is your friend.

7.) I am grateful that my name was cleared. Mock me, meme me, just don't make up shit about me.

8.) If there are any posts that contain errors or "lies", please send me a link to the post and quote the offending material. I will review the email and make a decision based on the facts. Any post containing a "lie" or inaccurate information will be corrected.

9.) This will be my last post until such a time that Rick becomes relevant in the news of Bigfooting. If there are any new posts, it will be relevant to the subject of Bigfoot only.

10.) Since I am not really who I say I am, according to Rictor, I am unable to close down this blog. Just kidding. I am not closing down this blog. Period.

The last two years have been one hell of a ride and to be quite honest, I am glad things are finally over. I plan on focusing on other hoaxers and suspected hoaxers on my other blog. It's still in the fledgling stage so posts will be sporadic as new material comes along.

I sincerely appreciate the support from all of you, the readers of this blog. You're a smart group and some of the funniest comments I have ever seen have been posted here.

I would like to thank my incredible friends for finding a lot of the information that went in to the posts here and I would also like to thank former TT members for stepping up and helping out.

If you still want to read the news on Rick, I think all of you know where Yellow Tooth Road is.

I hope this is definitive enough for everyone. ;)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Dyer Can't Admit He Hoaxed Again

Have all of you seen Dyer's video of him with his dolls in his house? It's obviously clear now that Rick Dyer, Fred Burk and Tim Fricke have committed another hoax. Seriously, what kind of moron keeps dead bodies in their home?

I thought Doll Boy said the specimints were somewhere being studied for the next who knows how long. Just in case you've forgotten, here is the video.


There it is, in Dyer's almost coherent English. The bodies were sent away. Really? If they were sent away, how come Freezer Boy has them in his living room. Because they are dolls, that's why.

Maybe Dyer couldn't handle the pressure of this failed hoax. Nobody was watching his hangouts except for three or four of the "haters". I don' think anyone in Turkey was paying attention to Dyer's failed fan page. Maybe a child finally pointed out to Rick how bad his dolls look.


Here are some still shots. Dyer is a special kind of special, there's no denying that.

Look at how proud Ricky is of his two horrifying examples of what he thinks a Bigfoot is. These dummies are worse than I could have ever imagined. In my opinion, Rick Dyer should seek professional help from a qualified practitioner so they can figure out what's wrong with him.

  It can't be normal for an almost forty year old man to be playing with life size dolls, right? While he's at it, maybe they can try to find a reason for Dyer living in a deluded fantasy world where he is the best at everything. I think  there may be some emotional and self esteem issues at play, but I'm not a qualified psychiatrist.

We know Dyer reads this blog religiously and it's funny to see his reactionary videos, right on schedule.

Speaking of videos, here is the latest from the Dyer. Listen to him, he feels all empowered and shit. I'll explain why after the video.


As far as I can tell, this is what happened. A couple of people prearranged or decided last minute to have a Google Hangout with Doll Boy. I came across the post in a Bigfoot Facebook group while the discussions were going on. There was no personal invitation, the post invited anyone to the hangout.

About ten minutes later I received a PM from a very good friend and he asked me if I was interested in joining. These are my exact words.

"Just tell him he can go fuck himself. Until he admits that he lied about me, I have nothing to say to him. Tell him to prove his claims or STFU. I do hope Karma catches him and pays him back 100 fold, you can tell him that. 

My friend told Dyer that I respectfully declined for now, which was fine with me. Dyer shouldn't open his fat mouth unless he is armed with the facts.

Dyer gets his rocks off calling people cowards and keyboard warriors, yet he is no different. Rick is nothing but a bully and loud mouth bitch behind a cell phone camera. I would have thought with Dyer's riches he could at least afford a high quality camera since he likes to see hisself in so many videos. Instead we get lame videos with two big ass black bars on either side. At least his melon looks smaller so that's a bonus.

I am most certainly not Dyer's friend and I never will be. He's a big tough guy behind the camera saying he has facts when, to date, he has not proven one single claim he has ever made.

Dyer says I'm a convicted sex offender. SHOW me the proof. A long winded and contrived story doesn't cut it. PROVE it.

Dyer says this blog has "tode lies own him". Again, SHOW me the proof. Give me a link to one of my blog posts showing where or what I lied about.

Dyer says I have stalked him and his family (I live in Canada) and he says I have emailed him and called his house. PROVE it. It's not hard. If what he says is true, it should be very easy to show proof.

Show some proof of those 73 or 90 police reports that were filed. That should be easy, right?

Dyer was supposed to come to Canada and I was looking forward to him telling me to my face that I'm an offender. No surprise there folks. Rick jammed out like a pansy. He can sure talk the talk but he always stumbles when it comes to the walking part.

Now that we will rarely be covering Dyer's childlike fantasies, Rick has become desperate. He's attempting to join any Facebook group that will take him. Dyer says he will talk to anyone. Why does he have me blocked then? Tim Fricke has me blocked as well. There's the pot calling the kettle black.
Dyer has me blocked because he's afraid of making hisself look like an idiot.

Rick is looking for new blood to latch on to for whatever twisted reason. He wants something and he's searching for the right mark. Remember FB/FB? They were easy marks and look what Doll Boty did to them.

Make no mistake, Dyer is  a tornado of misery and havoc. Once he is done sucking the life out of his victims, he will throw them away like an empty KFC bucket (Bubba size).

Coming soon, I will be focusing my attention to some of the more subtle and hard working hoaxers in the community. You know, the smarter ones. The ones who think things through and have made a plan. 

Under achievers are so boring. It's time for new challenges so I say we let Rick and his boy crew play with their dolls. If there are people who still believe them, just don't ever say you were not warned.

Most of you know where my other blog is. If not, here it is. Bigfoot Anarchy

Rick Dyer is such an upstanding contributor to society...said no one ever.

P.S.- Thanks for all of your support and downright hilarious comments. I appreciate all 10 of you with your 50 fake accounts, lol.

If you guys don't want to discuss Rick, feel free to talk about anything else, or if you've had enough and don't wish to comment, I'll be fine with that.

All of you have been a great bunch and I want to say thanks for visiting this blog. It was a team effort. Many people behind the scenes helped out with a lot of blog posts, vital information and raw detective work to bring you the stories over the past two years. I am proud to call them my friends.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Where Did Dyer Get His Doll?

I noticed after the failed Hank hoax, it didn't take Dyer long to find a replacement dummy for his sixth hoax. Yes, you read that right, SIXTH hoax.

From the first time I saw the shitty blurry Bigfoot hanging upside down from two trees, I wondered where his new dolls came from. Did he hire another prop maker? Did he some how manage to find a Hoaxers-R-Us store?

So far there is no clear answer but we may be able to provide a possibility to the question at hand. I think we all can agree that the doll looks unique...and terrible. It's a bad prop but it doesn't appear to be Frankensteined with anything off the shelf that I am able to find.

Here are refresher photos of the "dead" Bigfoot that was allegedly shot by Rick, Biff and/or Tim Fricke.

The first thing I noticed about the doll was the grey-blue skin. The nose is relatively thin with flaring nostrils. The eyes are over-sized in relation to the head and the mouth is unobstructed.

 The hands appear to be made from one type of material and the fingers from something else. It looks like the fingers are stuffed in to holes and the colours don't match. It's a goofy looking prop at best, I think it's safe to say that.

This morning, my friend Thomas Marcum sent me something he found and both of us thought it was compelling enough to warrant a blog post. Thomas runs The Crypto Crew website and he is also known for breaking down various Bigfoot videos. Thanks go to Thomas for passing along the information to us. When you get a chance, stop by his website.

I was shown a series of photos but this one in particular caught my eye. I can't say for a fact that this "bigfoot" is the same one Dyer possesses but I will say that they are remarkably similar.

Anything I say from here on out is my personal opinion. You may agree with me, or you may disagree with me.

In order to set the mood, I'll post photos a couple of photos that were taken from the same site.

In my opinion, these are nothing more than bad Bigfoot costumes. Great for trick or treating but awful for hoaxes. The Bigfoot in the top photo on the right has similar fur to Dyer's doll.

Here is the photo in question. Click on the photos to enlarge.

I think it's cute that a prey animal is within petting distance from a predator. Take a good look at the little Bigfoot. Does it look familiar?

Here is the same photo with Dyer's doll head and hand added to the photo.

Close up of the deer whisperer-foot.

Side by side with Mr. Miyagi.

I see strong similarities in the skin tone, the lips and the hairline around the face. Length of hair on the head and face are similar in length. The hands are somewhat similar but equally horrifying.

The Bigfoot on the left has a brushed appearance. It looks newer than Rick's doll but to me they look almost identical. They could be twins. Is this the same doll or was Rick's made by the same person that made the one on the left?

I feel confident calling the Bigfoot on the left a doll because it came from the Beacon Bigfoot blog.
Please, make sure you visit the blog. The blog owner, Randal Hart is considered a hoaxer by many people in and out of the community. Her videos are highly suspicious and red flags jump up all over the place.

Randal Hart claims that people send her the photos and videos, all of which are crystal clear. Clear enough to see the bad costumes, short arms and skinny legs of the "Bigfoot". In a few photos, clear ape-like faces can be seen. I noticed in TWO photos by TWO allegedly different people that were taken in the same spot but at different angles.

According to Randal (if that's really her/his name) she resides in New York. Is it possible that Rick or someone else struck a deal for one of her dolls? Tim Ray Fricke is in Jersey and only two hours away from Randal Hart.
We already know Rick and Biff went to pick up Tim so an extra passenger(s) wouldn't cause too much trouble.

This is my own theory and it's one I can't prove. Given Dyer's past history, it's not out of the realm of possibility though.

This blog post is purely speculation without proof. I'll leave it up to all of you to make up your own minds on this one.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

The World's Worst Bigfoot Doll

Well folks, there are very few words. The picture speaks for itself. This has to be the worst Bigfoot doll in history.

I'm not going to bother with the glaring problems with this thing but I will say that the Brooke Shield eyebrows are especially bad. Feel free to dissect this monstrosity, it's not going to be difficult.

Wow, this is so awful, I'm at a loss for words. Grown men playing with not one doll, but make that three. Or is this the juvenile? Any way. Grown men + Bigfoot dolls = weird shit.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for visiting this blog and thanks for all of the down right hilarious comments. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Have fun with loved ones over the festive season. Family is the most important thing of all.

Please remember, do not drink and drive. Be safe.

I'll leave you with a favourite of mine.

I will be firing up my other blog in the new year. I'd like to thank Jas for creating the new logo.
If you haven't visited before, here is the link:  Bigfoot Anarchy